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Have you wondered how the websites are made? What skills or tech-stacks are required for making a website? 🤔 🤔
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If your answer is “YES”, then this is the write place for you.
I will try to keep the answer as simple as possible.

First of all we need to know about the basics of anything before going ahead, so we will start with the 3 basic components or the backbones of Web-Development.

A basic Website is nothing but a blend of HTML , CSS & JavaScript only.

The basic structure of every Website consists of webpages that are made up of atleast two components i.e. HTML & CSS .

Right Now, You will be like that

That’s all sounds good but where to start?

So answer to this quite simple. You can begin with:

1.HTML(HyperText Markup Language) 🤔
What basically HTML does is that it is used for structuring the website. How it will look, how different things will be placed, how much will be their dimensions and all. this is all taken care of by HTML and with this we can structure our webpage which will in-turn make our website!

Our structure of the website is done!💯

Now we will proceed with to styling. Like you will not like to have a cloth which is not styled or looking an old one. You will simply like it to be styled it in your own way. Here CSS comes to action!

2.CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) 🤔
We are done with structure. For styling the ‘Simplest’ and the ‘Most Powerful’ tool is CSS. With it you can style your webpage in the way you wanted. Different features can be added to enhance you website looks and all. CSS itself is a complete package for styling. Nothing more required as such for styling.

Now our structure and styling part is done.💯

But it is like you structured a Toy car, designed it to the best looks but your car is not moving.

This is the place where the JS comes for the rescue!

3.JS(JavaScript) 🤔
Basically JS will make your website internactive. For example, you go over a region in the site, it will respond to you either depending or independent of your action. In short it will make your site internactive and responsive.

Now that’s all fine but where are the resources!

Best Ever Known Resources for the three are 🙂:
1.MDN Docs(Mozilla Developer Network-Documents)
3.Video Tutorials:
The Complete Web Development Bootcamp by Angela Yu.
(Recommended by ❤️)


1.The things that you will be learning please try to implement that practically by making some projects(like Websites).
2.Your HardWork will definitely pay-off 💯. The more you do,The more you get!
3.As a beginner please master these 3 skills only!! then switch to some frameworks or libraries like BootStrap and all!

Hope you liked it!✌️
I am happy that you read this article till this line and might have taken a little bit of knowledge.
Thanks for reading!!🙏

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